Kiwi Green

Max. Guests
6 Guests
Booking Nights
1 Min.
Bed Type

Room Services

Equipped kitchen
Widescreen TV
Air Conditioner
Private Balcony
Outdoor security cameras
External thermal/sound insulation

These rooms are located in a separate property towards the center of the village and next to a staff bus stop for Sani Hotel.

New apartments, built-in 2017, fully technologically equipped, with external thermal/sound insulation, heating, and cooling air conditioning, equipped kitchen, TV, and private bathroom. Outdoor security cameras and large balconies.


Room types

A. double/triple room: consists of 2 or 3 single beds.

B. five-bed apartments (attic): consists of 3 single beds on one floor and an additional 2 in the attic, with 2 separate bathrooms.

These rooms are available for rent to companies that want to house their staff for the season.

  • Luggage storage is provided.
  • A baby cot and a chair are provided upon request in order of priority
  • Internet is free in all rooms as well as in common areas.
  • All rooms have air conditioning
  • All rooms have flat-screen TVs
  • Washing-Drying Service (provided at a charge)
  • Transfer to and from the airport, harbor, station (provided by a charge).
  • Wake up service is provided
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