Green Policies

We have a clear policy and commitment to the environment.

  • We save valuable drinking water
  • We save energy by any means
  • Our energy comes from renewable sources
  • We avoid generating waste and we separate it into recyclable and non-recyclable
  • All of our employees support our environmental measures
  • We reduce the use of chemicals
  • Keep the windows closed while the heating or the air-condition operates
  • Turn off the lights before leaving the room
  • Save water
  • Disposal of waste in waste bins and not in the toilet
  • Inform the technicians in case of leaks and obvious losses
  • Towels and sheets will be changed once (or twice) a week or after requested
  • Maintenance and cleaning of central air conditioning systems
  • Regular and systematic control for the correct operation of the ventilation systems and the use of proper filters are necessary to reduce the degradation of air quality
  • Reduction in the use of synthetic furnishing products
  • Controlled operation of the heating systems
  • Installation of eco lamp bulbs which can last 10 times more and consume 75% less electricity than regular bulbs
  • Preference in products with the least packaging materials



  1. Information on areas where smoking is prohibited.
  2. Possibilities of renting bicycles in Halkidiki.
  3. European Eco-label information and arguments for providing incentives to visitors to support them.
  4. Information on biodiversity and activities to protect the environment around your tourist accommodation.
  5. Information on using means of transport.
  6. Information on public transport on location and in the area.
  7. We encourage visitors to use public transportation to visit the area’s attractions.
  8. We encourage guests to support environmental-friendly practices during their stay.
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